Why I started this ministry

If grief keeps you from enjoying your family, or stress stops you from performing a job well, or your child suffers through school with poor grades or behavior problems, I want to help.  I find that what I can offer to you often brings families closer, makes relationships stronger, and helps kids gain confidence.  This help can really make a difference, and often it is the very difference that you seek.
BA: Baylor University
M.Div.: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Clinical Pastoral Education: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Former Pastor: Seven Texas Churches
Former Director: Baptist Student Union Director of  Tyler Junior College
Founder and Director of Becoming, Inc--Caring Christian Solutions

Satisfaction of a job well done

The sign of success is reflected on the faces of every person I am able to help.  Seeing people come with deep lines of worry or stress makes me desire the best for them, so we set about to create a program of solid information and guidance that will truly help.  After this is achieved, I can see relief in their eyes and genuine joy of their faces.  This gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing exactly what I am called to do...helping inspire you to reach your potential and feeling satisfied knowing you have.
Published articles in The Houston Post, Home Life, Church Training Magazine, and numerous area publications. Currently writes a weekly
newspaper column.
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