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Program Costs

Becoming is a 501 (C) (3) organization.  Your contributions are tax-exempt as per current law.  Check with your tax advisor for details.

Private Sessions in the Study Skills, Family Life, Personal Growth, Life Coaching, or Counseling program ask for a donation of $60 for a 50 minute session.  New clients may come in for a free consultation to explore our program.

We havethree options for covering the cost of the program. (1) You agree to make the asked for donation of $60 each time you come in for a session.

(2) You enter the Extended Donation Plan where each session is invoiced at $60.  However, you agree to a donation that you feel comfortable with for each session.  You will be sent a statement each month, and after you finish the program, you continue to make donations to cover the balance.  Rather than a bill, this is a pledge you make to help with future support of the program.

(3) You agree to a donation for each session with no agreement for future donations.  We mutually agree on the donation you feel comfortable with.  Because we need some cash flow to make our program work, you will make the agreed on donation each time you come to a session.

Our desire is to make this ministry available to everyone.

Since we turn down other clients and work to hold your time, a 24 hour notice of a cancellation is essential.  Your agreed on donation is expected for any session not canceled 24 hours in advance.

Sessions are by appointment at scheduled times.  A drop-in program is not available.  Rather than expressing our disinterest in you, this structure allows us to give you the maximum service for the least possible expected minimum donation.

Telephone counseling rates are the same as the private sessions.  While we are glad for you to phone for brief conversations when you need information, extended counseling sessions on the phone are treated as an appointment.

Our desire is to conduct a Christian ministry, and our focus is not on money except as a necessity to conduct our ministry.  However, good bookkeeping and accurate financial reporting means that you will receive statements and/or invoicesAt your request, we will send you a statement of your donations at the end of the year. 


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